Fletcher Richman EXPOSED

Fletcher Richman - alias Johnathan Carpenter - is accompanied by his 2 co-conspirators - Tudorgram Metaphysical Research Historians. Their function is to convince potential victims that Fletcher is a serious historical researcher and a dedicated student of spiritual truth. For years he has traveled North America by car stealing money through deception and lies.



“There is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.”


Dear Friends,


We are so sorry to deliver this news, as it will come as a great shock to some of you as it did to us. But Fletcher Richman (alias Bradley Richman, Bradley Mercer, Johnathan Carpenter - and who was apparently born Cynthia Mercer) must be stopped and stopped NOW. It is imperative that everyone understand that anyone who has ever invested money with Fletcher Richman - or lent him any money - stands no chance whatsoever of ever seeing it returned to them. None. You truly have a better chance of winning the Power Ball than Fletcher paying you back. It was never, ever his intention to pay you back, no matter what he told you leading up to you giving him money.


This was not, as he has claimed to some of us, an investment that just didn’t work out due to unforeseen circumstances or unfavorable market conditions. The truth is he did no research of any kind, did no work of any kind and put in no effort whatsoever into moving the investment projects forward in any real way. What he did do is fritter away your and my money on non-sensical months-long road trips, at amusement parks and on his own and Tudorgram’s living expenses – a free ride in other words. I know the pain of reading this is stunning and devastating – but the longer you deny it’s true, the longer Fletcher stays in business. We urge all who have not been repaid by this parasite to:




Fletcher has been taking people’s money for decades for “the work” of opening the Bruton and Oak Island vaults under the supposed patronage of the Ascended Beings, promising those investors quick repayment and bonuses, but in reality in the real world, repaying those people absolutely nothing - ever. Fletcher has hijacked the spiritual teachings of the “I AM” Activity and misuses them to manipulate, control and cheat people out of small and large sums of money. He calls everyone around him “I AM students”, but if you or I have given him any money, we are investors. Therefore, he should be working for us, instead of him treating us like bothersome children and telling us what to do with even the smallest aspects of our lives.


Fletcher’s modus operandi is to come across as a kind, calm, deeply devout and spiritual person. Then he expertly extracts your money out of you in stages. Some of us were asked to invest, and Limited Partnership agreements were drawn up to make it appear as though all was on the up and up. You make your investment and thinks that’s it as far as you giving money is concerned. But then he (or more likely, one of his inner circle yes men, bobble-heads) pops up again asking you for yet more money. This happens over and over and over again until you are milked dry. The psychology is brilliant. When you are asked for more money after your initial investment, you’re afraid that if you refuse, you won’t be repaid the money you’ve already invested, so, often with great trepidation, you go ahead and give him the next lump of money hoping that that will ensure the repayment of all monies you’ve given. Ha!!


To add insult to injury, if you ask him for the return of funds according to the date he’s agreed to return them, he gets curt with you, or he tells you to stop whining, or he says it’s coming next week (then the week after, then the week after and pretty soon a year or more has gone by), or he hurries off the phone very quickly, or starts talking about something else entirely to distract you or he will hang up on you if the conversation becomes heated. He also has extreme verbal diarrhea. This is another psychological tactic that blocks out any comment or disagreement you might try to verbalize. When you do get him to stop talking long enough to have a five second discussion about the money he owes you, he gets very indignant that you would even think of asking him for it – almost implying that he never made the promises he did and that you have some nerve even bringing it up. Sound familiar?


The following has been alleged - a series of train wrecks of financial ruin. The dates are approximate and the amounts are large in anyone’s books:


 )   A woman who has been in the "I AM" Teachings for many decades and who travelled with Fletcher in the mid-eighties reported to us that in or around 1988 Fletcher was caring for an elderly gentleman who was dying. The man owned a very expensive car and somehow Fletcher managed to convince the elderly gentleman sign the car over to him. When the gentleman passed away, Fletcher had either taken the car or was about to take the car when the man’s family discovered the scam and heatedly demanded Fletcher return the car, which he did do. While he wasn’t successful in this alleged attempt at perhaps his first fraud, Fletcher must have realized how easy it is to extract funds from the elderly – something he continued to do down the years. TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO.


(2)   Again, back in the 80s, an older woman, one Lee Melanson, from Albuquerque, N.M. travelled with Fletcher along with the woman who reported the story above.   It was reported by this woman that Fletcher refused to deliver Lee back to Albuquerque at the end of the trip, refused to pay for her to get back to Albuquerque and she therefore had to go and stay in Oregon with the other lady until Lee’s family in California could come and get her. Lee also lost her home in Albuquerque because of the loans she took out against it to give to Fletcher. She died penniless with her family in California. Please know that Fletcher is so good at convincing people that these loans/mortgages will be repaid that it doesn’t occur to you that they won’t be repaid until the horrible truth becomes undeniable. He has after all honed his deceitful skills for nearly 25 years. TWENTY-TWO YEARS AGO.


(3)   An 83 year old woman in Minnesota, Fern Webber, was coaxed into signing a Power of Attorney over her finances in Fletcher’s favor. After reportedly putting a mortgage on her home for $250,000 (Marie Haught claims it was "only $65,000") and before her family discovered what had been done to her, it is alleged Fletcher left for California and left a dedicated follower who had no knowledge of what Fletcher had done to Mrs. Webber, to take the heat. The date was sometime around 2004/2005. To date, those funds have not been returned. The St. Paul FBI has confirmed the existence of this case in their files. SIX YEARS AGO.


(4)   Prior to the name “Tudorgram”, Fletcher’s group was named “Sages of the Seventh Seal”. A member of the Sages, a highly educated professional and psychotherapist, one B. Zukerman, who was a department head at a university, was relieved of her entire retirement fund by Fletcher (amount and date unknown, but somewhere around 2005). That amount too has never been repaid. Four other members of the Sages were asked by Fletcher to run up their credit cards and hand the cash over to him. Fortunately for them, they refused to do so and promptly left the Sages, along with the university professional. Unbelievably, this mass Exodus from the Sages actually shocked Fletcher. The date was 2005. FIVE+ YEARS AGO.


(5)   In or about 2004, a nurse and her husband from Minnesota mortgaged their house, emptied their retirement and pension accounts, borrowed funds from family and credit cards and eventually handed Fletcher reportedly $400,000 in cash (as usual, in stages). They will never be able to retire. The husband was also part of Fletcher’s group for many years and knows how things worked behind the scenes. SIX YEARS AGO.


(6)   Over a few months in 2008 and 2009, a man and his wife sent a series of fund transfers to Fletcher that eventually amounted to just short of $200,000 on the promise it would be returned within in a few weeks. To date, those funds (most of which were borrowed on credit cards) have not been returned in spite of dozens of promises that repayment is imminent. TWO YEARS AGO.


(7)   Starting in 2007, a businesswoman in her late ‘50s living overseas met Fletcher through friends who had known him for two years and was convinced to contribute to “the work”, again, in stages and eventually gave $200,000 to Fletcher plus credit card charges, on the promise of very fast returns and impressive bonuses (from a backer “Mr. Spears” who was to fund the projects to the tune of $7 million and an apparent $12.5 million trust fund Fletcher stated dozens of times to many people he had from his grandfather Huey Mercer.) This victim was also literally trapped into moving back to America where she has been sitting for two years waiting for work on the vault to start. To date, less than 10% of those funds have been returned. THREE YEARS AGO.


(8)   In August of 2009, a 60-odd year old woman and her husband living a very meager existence on a farm gave the money for the husband’s heart medication ($200) to Fletcher and he didn’t repay them after promising he would. He claims she insisted he take it as a donation. She says he told her of his (fictitious) trust fund and that he would have the money back to her and more within a very short period of time. This is just an example of how low Fletcher will stoop for the smallest amount. He took a man’s heart medication money! He cannot not take your money, no matter how frugal your circumstances are.


It is easy enough to dismiss one incident. Two incidents can perhaps be explained. But don’t eight known incidents represent a sickening cesspool of alleged fraud that is begging to be investigated? Does this list raise the alarm bells at all for any of you reading this? These are just a few people who’ve come out of the woodwork recently and there are certainly more, perhaps many more. Do you have a similar story to add to this list? Can you afford to wait for years in the slim hope of having your funds returned while living under the daily stress of never really knowing you’re ever going to get the money back and having to tolerate quietly Fletcher’s ever-changing excuses?


What does Fletcher do with all this money?


Allegedly, according to people who were with him for years, money flows through Fletcher’s hands like water. He has no control over his spending while keeping strict and miserly control over money given to those close to him – even to the point of starving some by leaving them with no money for food while he went on an amusement park spending spree. He certainly never repays any substantial amounts to investors if any money at all. He takes ridiculous, meandering months-long road trips driving thousands of miles throughout many states, paying for car/SUV rental, gas, hotels, restaurant meals, snacks, entertainment (lots of it), clothes, miscellaneous, with your money and achieving nothing at all relating to the vaults. Nothing. He curbs his spending some when new investors are on the road with him, so as not to alarm them and to appear to be very careful with money. Yet, he is doing absolutely nothing to further the vault work nor is he doing any serious research. Yes, he has meetings, but nothing ever comes of them. He is simply a major time-waster pretending to work and research to cover the fact he is having a great time with your and my money. Whenever discussions are at a point where it’s time to sign a contract so that something real (a film on the vaults for example) can start, suddenly, a problem arises, the contract is not signed because the other party became ‘discordant’ and is postponed to some vague date in the future. And it never happens. Please understand that nothing real ever happens except that more and more people are relieved of their hard-earned money (that Fletcher spends recklessly and frivolously) and are thrown into misery. Many, many, many trips have been planned and at the last minute, he cancels them completely after you’re packed and are waiting to go, or only he and a couple of people actually travel instead of a larger number. He will say that an Ascended Being decided not to have everyone travel, but it came out later that trips were canceled solely because he couldn’t get anyone to pay for the trip.


Many, many times he’s simply stood people up and hasn’t shown up at all for meetings he’s arranged, even if he’s had people travel long distances – sometimes to another state - to meet him. Then he barely or never apologizes afterward. He uses the same m.o. with his “telephone consultations” - making a big deal about setting a specific date and time and how important the call is – then sometimes not bothering to call you at all and leaving you wondering if he’s going to call today, tomorrow or never. Sometimes he will have one of his minion bobble-heads place a “courtesy call” to let you know he’s not available to talk with an insulting comment like “he’s so busy. No one realizes how much he has on his plate”. He’s been known to delay one of his consultations 9 times in a row in this way. It’s meant to always keep you on edge.


He does the same thing with the dates of opening the vaults which are ever-moving, like the slow flow of lava. The Bruton Vault was to be opened in May of 2007. Because a “sinister one” was visiting Williamsburg that month, Fletcher told us the opening of the vault had to be postponed to July 4, 2010. When that date was soon approaching, he then said it will be opened on September 11, 2011. When one date is looming, some crisis or “security concern” arises and that date is then moved out to another date and year. He strings everyone along this way. He has used the same tactics with the Oak Island vault.   It was set to be opened in 2009, but now, no one has any idea when that vault will open. This is meant to always keep you in anticipation of the vaults being opened. But they never will be – at least not by Fletcher.  


But what does Fletcher do with the money? It has been reported by an insider that Fletcher is "addicted" to amusement and theme parks and to being the “big man” when it comes to waitresses, valets, and other people in the service industry. He’s been known to visit 6 amusement parks in one visit to California. He will pay for a group of people to go to Disneyland at $150 per person then spend thousands within the park playing the children’s games and riding the rides over and over and over and over and over and over. He’s been known to tip $35 to a waitress who served him a veggie burger or $100 to a tour guide because he was "told" to by an Ascended Being. This is your money he’s spending. My money. Other people’s money spends so easily doesn’t it? And the beauty of his m.o. is he never has to report to anyone how he spent their money! When have you ever seen a company or individual taking investment funds not having to report to investors how their money was spent? 


Fletcher is a money vacuum cleaner, a money addict. Obtaining it is what he does. It is all he does. Everything else he does is to motivate/manipulate you to part with your money so he can spend it. He will go to any length short of physical violence to get it so he can continue his travelling and spending, forgetting he promised repayment the moment it lands in his hand.


In the summer of 2010, Fletcher came off a 100+ day road trip that had to have cost at least $40,000 to $50,000, maybe more. Which of you paid for it? Did he give anyone a detailed report of what he accomplished or how the money was spent? No! After each of these trips, he returns to Ellie Henderson’s home in Pittsburgh absolutely broke to the point that for weeks during one winter, there was no money for heating oil. He is surely broke right now (August 2010) and will be angling for fresh funds so watch out. Where is the opulence he continually talks about him/us being able to "manifest" as a result of being in the “Teachings”, or that he is sending to us? After 24 years he cannot “manifest” enough money to heat Ellie’s house.


Fletcher dangles his alleged $12.5 million trust fund from his late grandfather in Texas in front of new (and old) students to make them believe they really are going to be repaid just as soon as the trust fund is turned over to him. This makes it so much easier for Fletcher to extract your money from you. After all, your investment is backed up by a multi-million dollar trust fund, right? And some of us are also told a mysterious “Mr. Spears” is backing the “work” to the tune of $7 million.)  Sometimes he says he will receive the trust fund when his father dies, sometimes it was about to be released but someone was not in harmony in our group so it was held back, sometimes his brother controls it and won’t give it to him, sometimes another family member has control of it and sometimes it’s ready and waiting for him to just go and get it in California or Gonzales, Texas or where ever. You’ll hear a bunch of differing stories about it. It was originally thought by some of us that his family knows his spending habits well and will not allow him to have the trust fund because they know it will all be gone within in two years. Until the terms of Fletcher receiving this trust fund is made clear, it is fruitless to think he is going to pay anyone back from it. Just get that out of your mind unless we band together in a law suit, or a criminal investigation freezes it.


In September of 2010, Fletcher’s Aunt Sylvia in Texas (who, he reported to several investors, was the current family member having control over his ‘trust fund’) confirmed by telephone and email, and his parents, Mr. & Mrs. Mercer in California, confirmed by telephone that THERE IS NO TRUST FUND AND NEVER WAS.


To continue to the current date, December 25, 2010:


As an additional motivation on top of his trust fund to get new victims to part with their money, Fletcher invokes the mysterious, unseen (by anyone but him) imaginary Mr. Spears of Dylan, CO. who Fletcher claims was a "Messenger" (one step above Fletcher’s imaginary position as "Ambassador of Light") and who, approximately twice a week, promised to release substantial funds, but he never quite got around to it. Some investors heard about Mr. Spears twice per week for years. Other investors had never heard Fletcher speak of him even once. No one within Tudorgram other than Fletcher has spoken to “Mr. Spears”, has seen “Mr. Spears”, has received any written communication from “Mr. Spears” ever. Considering that Tudorgram all have lived together for years and travel together, it is extremely unlikely that this scenario could be possible. In all these years, one of them surely must have answered the phone when Mr. Spears called and heard his voice. No one ever did.


Fletcher has stated many times that people have “turned on him” over the years and is actually astonished that some do. Fletcher, how could you possibly be astonished? You rip people off mercilessly and ruthlessly, with a lack of conscience that’s stunning, with absolutely no remorse or guilt, with a sense of entitlement to other people’s money, with no regard for the immense pain you inflict on your victims, with an attitude that no one should really expect you to pay them back even though you know you have to promise them repayment in order for them to part with their money, and then you are actually surprised when your victims “turn on you”??? What drugs are you on, Sly Stealing Knave (S.S.K.)? Of course, when someone does “turn on” Fletcher, gets angry with him or even firmly demands repayment, he uses it as the perfect opportunity not to repay them (“God does not reward bad behavior”).  Fletcher has stated that some people who’ve turned on him have called his parents. I am certain those investors were calling the Mercers to relate the story of how their son ripped them off. And I’m certain the Mercers have heard that story from many people over the years. No wonder they have unlisted phone numbers and addresses that are very challenging to locate. But find them one of us did and a couple of us did write to the Mercers in an effort to enter into negotiations with the trustee of Fletcher’s trust fund to arrange for the repayment of our funds, only to find out there is no trust fund - and THERE NEVER WAS A TRUST FUND! 


Fletcher’s emails are always calm, harmonious, sweet and spiritual, always referring to some of the "I AM" Discourses and Instruction of Ascended Beings as published by The "I AM" Activity. He sends cute e-cards to you and links to YouTube videos and web sites of interest. He reminds you constantly to practice your "daily application". This religious facade, of course, is his cover and his act and contributes in a major way to a lot of people wanting to believe that - if nothing else - he is at least sincere and honest. He’s such a "gentle spiritual soul" - so devoted to the "Teachings". After all, he just couldn’t be a thief. He just couldn’t.


Fletcher is a powerful speaker and a master manipulator with the spoken word. He can talk for hours on end without a break spinning tales of untold treasure, hidden sacred documents of America, artifacts, permanent peace on earth, etc. His recall of names, dates and places is impressive. He speaks at such a rapid pace, you don’t have a second to interject. This is how he starts his brainwashing. If you do manage to interject to correct him, he reprimands you by saying “It’s your intellect talking and not your heart”. In his mind, he is always correct, is the only one who has anything of value to say, even though many times, he’s obviously making stuff up, or he just plain doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Then he abruptly ends the conversation (every time!) and you’re left with your mouth agape at not being able to have an actual dialogue. By monopolizing every second of every conversation, he eliminates any and all objection, truth or reality. He states that an "Ascended Being” is guiding his every word and deed, including during his endless phone calls.


To illustrate his abilities to convince, he once talked his way onto an airplane without having a photo ID and talked himself into another country, Canada, with just a Bush Gardens visitor ID when at the very least, a valid American driver’s license was required. These true stories clearly illustrate his power to manipulate others. Fletcher professes to love the United States Constitution, but there isn’t even a sliver of freedom of speech for others in his world.  


Fletcher tells us we are not to criticize, condemn or judge others, but he does exactly that all the time - only he calls it “making an observation”. Forty-five minutes out of every hour of “telephone consultation” is spent gossiping about and criticizing other people. He talks over you all the time and never leaves a second for you to speak. He talks a lot but says nothing. He often tries to make a circle into a square. Then he whines about not being paid for these oh-so-important gossip sessions. Oh yeah Fletcher?   What do you call those hundreds of thousands of dollars you rake in? And did anyone actually ask you for these lengthy, nonsensical, time-wasting, go-nowhere telephone calls? Why should we feel guilty about you “not being paid” when we didn’t hire you to do so, and when you actually does get paid hugely - with the money you have tricked us to turn over to you!


Fletcher has been known to be very discordant  with the Tudorgram members behind the scenes, treating them horribly, screaming in an uncontrolled rage with some of them from time to time, blaming them for everything, taking no responsibility for his mistakes and failures, cussing them out and controlling their every move and every dollar. All money the Tudorgram team actually earns at real jobs is turned over to Fletcher, with him giving them a tiny stipend that doesn’t purchase enough calories to live on, never mind proper clothes, supplements, health or dental care. He managed to get control of Ellie’s pension check (why is she still with him?), spent the check, didn’t pay her mortgage for months, and to fix it, it’s now costing Ellie $400 per month more than before. However, when he talks to new marks (he calls them students, but they are really marks) all is sooooo harmonious within Tudorgram. "Beloved" you and "beloved" me. Sheer theater.

It’s been realized recently that the Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreement he had many investors sign was not meant to protect “the work” regarding the "Bruton Vault" in Virginia and "Oak Island" in Canada. It’s meant to protect Fletcher Richman’s alleged illegal activities. He is very diligent and firm about enforcing the Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreement  with people who do speak about him and the projects. He promotes students communicating with each other, but he knows because of the NDCA, they will likely not compare notes about how much money they gave him and what he told them about repayment and other info. Think about this. It’s perfect compartmentalization – no one really talks to anyone else without Fletcher being present, everyone only talks to Fletcher. He’s set it up so that he’s the center of the wheel and none of the spokes actually come into contact with each other. Information about him is therefore never shared among us. Another incredibly manipulative tactic. A federal authority here in the U.S. has confirmed that if you know a crime is being committed and you still abide by a Non-Disclosure/Confidentiality Agreement relating to the persons/entities who have committed the crime, then you are participating in covering up the crime. So if you’re worried about the ramifications of breaking this agreement, don’t be. In 2008, a fairly new investor was told by Marie Haught, Fletcher’s ex-wife and paralegal (who is allegedly as guilty as Fletcher in all of these crimes for preparing fraudulent legal agreements), that she and Fletcher once successfully sued a female investor who was talking too much and they received a large judgment against the investor. The thought of a large lawsuit so frightened the new investor to whom Marie told this story, that he kept his mouth shut for two years even though he was certain he had been defrauded. It wasn’t until he learned of the above facts that he came out and spoke.


In spite of the many drama-filled emails Fletcher sends about telephone land lines, cell phones and Internet being ‘under attack’ by the sinister forces and therefore do not work (so he can have a break really), one colleague who was with Fletcher for seven years has reported to us there were no “security concerns”, no one was attacking Tudorgram and there never has been. Their phones/computers/cell phones have never been compromised, ‘fried’ or shut down due to “ELF wave attacks” by the "sinister forces". There have never been “men in black” pounding on the door or sitting outside in cars watching the house as Fletcher has stated. There is no one after Fletcher as he professes constantly. This is all cooked up by a very slick little man to make us want to be all concerned and protective of him. Any real fear he feels is well-founded in that the police in several states are probably looking for him for his financial crimes and this explains his paranoia – not that any “sinister forces” are after him.


Fletcher never ever gives out Ellie Henderson’s home address in Pittsburgh, where the Tudorgram team lived until recently. This is not because of "sinister forces after him”. No, it’s because he’s deathly afraid some irate student will knock on the door, pull him out and throttle him, or worse, the FBI will come knocking.   Sad note: With all of the hundreds of thousands of dollars that have passed through Fletcher’s hands, Ellie’s house, where all of Tudorgram lives free of charge when they’re not on the road, is in serious disrepair. Go to Google Maps and enter Eleanor Henderson’s address - 2173 Sampson Street, Pittsburgh, PA, 15235 to take a look.


Fletcher has put some investors through an immense amount of work – having them research cars and houses that ostensibly will be purchased for them to drive/live in but he never ever buys them. He comes this close after creating a great deal of anticipation in all concerned, but bails out at the moment of actual payment – every single time. He wastes so much of the time of hard-working sales people, realtors or film makers. He gets them to reserve the house/car/equipment/crew for him and not sell it to others until they all realize after some time he’s just smoke and mirrors. Fletcher himself did this with a realtor and a building contractor in Ouray, Colorado on a house (the “Camelot House”) he was allegedly buying for himself. He stalled and stalled and stalled, promising that an offer was coming and it never ever did. He loves controlling people like this and watching them squirm in anticipation when he knows he will never complete the transaction. Fletcher told me later that he did purchase the house but that was one of thousands of lies he told quite effortlessly. Or he will leave a student to deal with the angry vendor who was expecting a sale for many weeks/months sometimes which never ever materialized. The possibility of houses and cars hook a new investor in even further. They are told it is part of their reward for investing and you will need these things to accomplish the work on the vaults. The reasons he gives that these assets were not purchased are always vague, but you want to believe his excuses because you are in so deep financially.    


If you could afford it, who would mind the years of delay in repayment if some real progress in opening the vaults was evident. But there is none. None at all, after years and years of go-nowhere meetings and thousands of miles travelled. He just blows the money recklessly with nothing at all to show for it – not even the usual trappings of con men– the houses, cars, jewelry, art, boats. Fletcher appears to have no assets at all. He doesn’t want the feds to see that he has any assets at all, so he spends the investment funds on everything consumable.


I refuse to believe this behavior has anything to do with Ascended Beings. It is very much Fletcher’s personal human creation and sheer greed. There is nothing spiritual about pilfering people’s financial security, throwing them into debt and causing immense emotional, mental, spiritual and physical pain and suffering in this life because “you abused money in a past life” (you find this out after you gave him money) is supposed to be a part of our “opportunity for spiritual growth”, and hearing Fletcher pretend on the phone that everything is just wonderful with you when your bills are piling up, your debts are unpaid and you receive nothing but empty promises about repayment of your investment. This is all Fletcher’s personal human creation and his sheer greed.


At some point I realized I could be asked to obtain large sums of money from other people, make the same promises Fletcher does, spin the same story, then hand the funds over to Fletcher for disposal at his pleasure. Can you with any conscience do that? Could anyone actually do that knowing that what happened to them will most definitely happen to the new people? I could not. Other members of Tudorgram have had to ask people for money, so surely you will be at some point.


Why hasn’t Fletcher been arrested and charged?


There could be a couple of reasons for this. It is alleged that three members of The "I AM" Temple in Chicago took him to court over monies he obtained from them and didn’t repay, but the judge told them they didn’t have enough evidence. Plus, lawyers cost money. Several of his former investors are now broke. There is apparently a case against him in one state, but the FBI was never able to catch him.


He has lived in at least Minnesota, California, Virginia and Pennsylvania and possibly other states. Unlike , he doesn’t stay in one place with one office. And his “students” are scattered over many states. He’s also basically only a three or four person band – small enough to fly under the radar.


Perhaps it’s the embarrassment of being duped that causes people to turn inwards and not go to the authorities. It’s just too embarrassing to admit you’ve been taken - and fallen for such wild stories.


While L. Marie Haught, Fletcher’s former wife of ten years and paralegal for many years claims to also be a victim, (he treats her horribly too) it is alleged she prepared all of the legal agreements over the years including the Power of Attorney for Fletcher’s control over Fern Webber’s finances, in Minnesota. Marie has stated that Fletcher took a $65,000 mortgage on Mrs. Webber’s house and not a $250,000 mortgage as was reported to this writer by another former colleague. It is alleged Marie prepared all of the limited partnership agreements and all of the NDCAs for investors to sign. Several of the investors have dealt with her directly regarding the NDCA and the limited partnership agreements including the writer, which made everything look proper and legal and gave new investors confidence that everything was right. She too has made promises to the writer directly in order to have me part with yet more money. She said to me verbatim in November of 2007 – “Just as soon as Fletcher gets to California to get his trust fund you’ll be paid back”. As well, the vast portion of the investment funds from new victims were sent to Marie’s business bank account so she was fully aware of the amounts Fletcher was receiving. Did she ever pay anyone back from her account? She has told one of the investors that she thought that some were being paid back, but it is highly unlikely she really believed this, as at least two of us were pleading with her to have Fletcher pay us back, if not more people in the preceding years!


In summary, Fletcher sells an alluring mix of historical treasure tales, claims of having access to ancient artifacts and documents, "support" from the Divine Realm of Ascended Beings (God has my back!), the hidden history of America and the world, changing the world for the better by opening the "vaults", illumining and awakening the American people to the real Constitution, Bill of Rights and the "original" 1611 King James version of the Bible, kicking out the "sinister forces" once and for all, immense opulence for all of us, helping people survive when the “earth changes” come. Add a blatant threat (“You’ll have to come back and live many lives over again if you don’t do this or that or if you 'turn' on these teachings”) and voila - you’ve got a great big chunk of aromatic cheese guaranteed to reel in the mice. This ploy is extremely hard for most to resist especially when a supposed $12.5 million trust fund and “Mr. Spears” with his millions is “backing” our investments. No one had a legal guarantee in writing that they would be repaid from this trust fund. And of course, if they did, it would be worthless since there NEVER WAS A TRUST FUND! 


I know that as of the first sentence of this Notice, some of you have your hearts in your mouths, and feel physically ill, as I did when the Fletcher Richman “veil” came off. I was sickened, stunned, shocked, nauseated, dizzy, short of breath and filled with heart-stopping dread. My life changed horribly in that moment and will never be the same. The sense of betrayal was immense - like walking into your house to find your spouse in bed with your best friend.


Some of you still have the veil across your eyes and will want to attack me and defend Fletcher. That’s fine. Go ahead. I’ve been there too. But if you’ve given a lot (or a little) money to Fletcher, here’s what your life is like right now. There’s an underlying, daily, 24/7 tension in your body that’s created from a thought that’s your first one in the morning, your last one at night and one you think dozens of times in between. And that thought is, “When am I going to get my money back?” (If you don’t know the answer to that question after reading to this point, there’s no hope for you.). Once the date of repayment Fletcher has agreed to has passed without a word from him, you come to the awful realization you are powerless.  From then on, you’re on tenterhooks every day you have a “telephone consultation” with him, hoping he is calling with the news that he is finally, finally sending your money. You do everything he asks you to do in the fear that if you don’t, you won’t see your money. You remain calm on the outside, but inside you’re in turmoil. You don’t dare get angry in case he blows you off for good, accusing you of being ‘discordant’. Eventually, you become a nervous wreck.  


One day, perhaps years from now or sooner, when life has become so unbearable financially for you, when Fletcher lets you know in no uncertain terms he doesn’t care a whit about your situation, when nothing still has been accomplished on the "vaults", when Fletcher hasn’t paid you anything but lip service, when you realize he will never pay you back, that he is controlling your every move in a destructive way, and that he will leave you on the garbage heap of his other victims, you’ll wake up.


Perhaps you’re at the stage where you’ve realized exactly what Fletcher is and you’re being nice to him, humoring him, in the off chance that he won’t stick it to you like he has to others…….. but he will. You are no one special, “chosen” or “anointed”. You're just one more sucker in a long list.


So this is meant to wake you up NOW.  Above all, please stop giving him money if you have been recently. His family even refuses to give him any more money. Above all, do not sign a Limited Partnership Agreement because you have no rights at all to the money you "invested" under an agreement like that. For an exact description of Fletcher, go to http://www.mcafee.cc/Bin/sb.html. It’s like the author met Fletcher and immediately after, went on to define ‘sociopath’.


In spite of your shock (and probable paralysis) at this point, please do go ahead and lodge your complaint on the web site provided. Please use all of his names mentioned at the beginning of this Notice. The authorities have started an investigation and the more complaints that are lodged about Fletcher Richman, the more seriously the FBI and other investigative agencies will take the situation. Those of us who want to see this cruel deceiver behind bars (with a lonely, 250 pound, ex-Rams linebacker named Bubba as a roommate) must remain calm and gather our evidence and hand it over to the FBI to follow up on.


Hopefully, with the documentation we all submit, the legal authorities will be able to obtain a conviction. At the very least, Fletcher will be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life.


This Notice was originally sent out, on August 15, 2010, to 35 email addresses Fletcher had cc’d over the years. This was done in order to alert potential victims he was writing to, to the danger of dealing with this sociopath. Some on that list have come forward alleging they were defrauded by Fletcher too. Some on that email list loyal to Fletcher sent him a copy of this Notice, so he was aware of it from the beginning and has fled from Pittsburgh, where he was living in Ellie Henderson’s/Williamson’s home. If everything he was doing was legal, ethical and moral, then why did he flee from Minnesota after the police were called in by Fern Webber’s family?


It has already been confirmed by the FBI that the COMBINED EFFECT of a number of complaints being submitted at the http://www.ic3.gov web site will produce co-ordinated action throughout the United States by a number of investigative agencies, not just the FBI alone. Since this Notice was originally sent out, many of us have reported our cases on this website.


Please note. If you are still loyal to him, please – do the right thing - realize he is nothing but a lazy, greedy, criminal with absolutely no conscience. Please contact http://www.ic3.gov about your experience with this thief. If you feel anyone else in Fletcher’s inner circle played an active role in defrauding you, please mention them too. Please send this Notice on to anyone you know who might have had even one minute of contact with Fletcher. Please don’t be worried about being embarrassed or ashamed or feeling stupid about being duped. Fletcher is counting you will feel this way and therefore, you won’t come forward and admit what has happened to you. Plus, the authorities have seen it all before and want you to come forward or these thieves just keep on destroying lives.


Please do not be afraid that you would be "violating" the Non-Disclosure, Confidentiality Agreement if you signed one! It’s not legal any more. Also, the submission of your information will never be revealed to anyone but the authorities vested with the responsibilities of bringing criminals to Justice.


If we don’t speak up, Fletcher will not be stopped. Above all, we must cut off his funding once and for all. Let him get it by working hard at a real job like the rest of the world. Then and only then will he be entitled to spend (his own) money recklessly.


If you wish to communicate with other victims, please contact us. We will give you encouragement and support. We can send you “Tips on Reporting on the ic3 Website” which will help you fill out your complaint. We can also send you our stories and other stories of other victims. Know this - we have strength and power in numbers. Again, here is the ic3 website: http://www.ic3.gov.